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May 10, 11, 17, 18 8pm  |  May 19 2pm


Episcopal Church of Our Saviour
Homestead Hall
821 Homestead Rd
Jenkintown, PA 19046

Holy Maria

by Adong Judith

Holy Maria is winner of the Short+ Sweet International Theatre Festival Zimbabwe competition (2013). A lucky or is it an unlucky facebook chat accident sends Anna-Maria, wife to Pastor John Semana on a rendezvous that takes her on a journey of a series of unforgettable adventures with her husband’s mistress, Princess Alicious and her partner in crime, Jessica, whose Hotel Rooms tell no tales of man and his secret lives. 


by Adong Judith

Blood is Adong’s modern-day impression of Lorraine Hansberry’s, Les Blancs, commissioned by Harlem 9 for their OBIE Award Winning 10 minutes play festival, “48 Hours in…™Harlem” (2014). It explores America’s racism across an American City and African City. A young black boy falls dead at the hands of a racist Caucasian-American Cop on the street of an American City while a Caucasian-American Journalist sets off to an African City to cover the story of the murder of a young African gay boy, where he is forced to confront his own part in America’s racism.

Who Said I Don't Want to Dance

by Thembelihle Moyo

Who Said I Don’t Want to Dance is a stage play which follows the life of a young widow who faces challenges as she tries to rediscover herself after the death of her beloved husband. It explores an aspect of some ancient Southern African cultures, where if a woman wants to keep resources acquired during her marriage, she must find a suitor among the late husband’s clan. GINA, a young widow in her early 30s is faced with the dilemma to remarry within her husband’s clan in order to continue enjoying the benefits she had when her husband Sipho was still alive. Unknown to the people and to Gina herself, is the fact that Gina is in the process of rediscovering herself, her ambitions, her identity, her sexuality and above all the yearning she has had for several years to explore the land beyond her rural home; which has been the only place she has known. This story also explores the African woman’s subjugation and oppression in a patriarchal society. 

Adong Judith's TED Talk:

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