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Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company Announces Temporary Suspension of Operations

By PBTC Board of Directors


JENKINTOWN, Pennsylvania (January 13, 2022) – Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company, a community theatre located in Jenkintown, PA, has announced that it will suspend operations indefinitely, effective immediately, due to issues caused by COVID 19. It is hoped that the company may be able reopen once the pandemic is under control and Pulley & Buttonhole has reconfigured its operations.


Bridget Reilly Beauchamp, Founder and Artistic Director of the company, said, “This is an unprecedented time in Pulley & Buttonhole’s history. The ongoing issues stemming from the effects of COVID 19 have made it nearly impossible to continue operating. The Board of Directors took these measures so that we may step back and take stock of what the company is facing, hopefully ensuring that the organization survives.”


Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company had been producing and performing live streamed and recorded performances since COVID 19 arrived in 2020. Plans to return to live, in-person performances for the 2021-2022 season were put on hold with the rise of the COVID variants. Dwindling audience numbers necessitated the action by the Board of Directors.  


Board President Christopher Springer said, “We will use this time to reevaluate the company’s future trajectory, especially in light of the times in which we now live. Pulley & Buttonhole has been a big part of our lives for 10 years. We will do what we can to ensure that it succeeds.” 


Established in 2012, Pulley & Buttonhole Theatre Company encourages communication and compassion through the power and persuasion of good storytelling. Designed as a gathering place for the artistic, the company‘s philosophy stems from the belief that everyone has a place and a part to play in the creative process. 


Please direct all inquiries to 215.392.9958 or

Mrs. Harrison Production Photo 1
Mrs. Harrison Production Photo 2
One Acts-Holy Maria
One Acts-Blood
One Acts-Who Said I Don't Want To Da
Penelopiad: Maids Confront Penelope
Penelopiad: Telemachus and Eurycleia
Penelopiad: Penelope and her Suitors
Penelopiad: The Death of the Maids
Woman of No Importance: The Ladies
Woman of No Importance:In the Garden
Exit: Farewell Selfie
Exit: Nan's Book Tour
Two Things You Don't Talk About
An American Daughter: Breaking News
One More River to Cross:River Jordan
Sense & Sensibility:Awkward Departur
Mr. Burns, a post-electric play:Hits
Mr Burns, a post-electric play:Burns
Love, Loss and What I Wore
Things My Mother Taught Me: A toast!
Book of Days: Dinner with Mom
Almost Maine: Closer--Pete & Ginette
Almost Maine:They Fell-Randy & Chad
The Weir:Jim says goodbye to Valerie
Loose Knit: The Women Commiserate
Our Town: Math Lessons and Moonbeams
Antigone: The Death of Haemon


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Phone:  215.392.9958

Address:  P.O Box 2114 Jenkintown, PA 19046

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