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Pulley and Buttonhole Theatre Company condemns the systemic white supremacy in our country and our industry. We stand in solidarity with the African American community and recognize that as a predominantly white arts organization we have a duty to acknowledge our privilege and to use that privilege to support the work of BIPOC in dismantling corrupt systems and to engage in that work ourselves.


To that end, we commit to:

  1. seeking out directors and designers of color and providing them with the opportunity and support to create work that reflects their experience and viewpoints.

  2. launching a series of workshops, performances, and discussions designed to help writers and performers of color develop work that speaks truth.

  3. increasing the diversity of our Board, leadership, and ensemble by working with and listening to BIPOC-led organizations to ensure that we are reflecting and sharing the voices and experiences of our community.

  4. engaging with members of our community to offer programming that addresses implicit and explicit biases and how to confront and change those biases.

These are just the first steps in a long and necessary journey.


Mrs. Harrison Production Photo 1
Mrs. Harrison Production Photo 2
One Acts-Holy Maria
One Acts-Blood
One Acts-Who Said I Don't Want To Da
Penelopiad: Maids Confront Penelope
Penelopiad: Telemachus and Eurycleia
Penelopiad: Penelope and her Suitors
Penelopiad: The Death of the Maids
Woman of No Importance: The Ladies
Woman of No Importance:In the Garden
Exit: Farewell Selfie
Exit: Nan's Book Tour
Two Things You Don't Talk About
An American Daughter: Breaking News
One More River to Cross:River Jordan
Sense & Sensibility:Awkward Departur
Mr. Burns, a post-electric play:Hits
Mr Burns, a post-electric play:Burns
Love, Loss and What I Wore
Things My Mother Taught Me: A toast!
Book of Days: Dinner with Mom
Almost Maine: Closer--Pete & Ginette
Almost Maine:They Fell-Randy & Chad
The Weir:Jim says goodbye to Valerie
Loose Knit: The Women Commiserate
Our Town: Math Lessons and Moonbeams
Antigone: The Death of Haemon


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