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Thanks for your interest! We look forward to seeing what you bring to the PBTC process. PBTC is holding auditions for the following productions:

​An American Daughter, by Wendy Wasserstein 

Two Things You Don't Talk About At Dinner, by Lisa Loomer

Exit, Pursued By A Bear, by Lauren Gunderson

An American Daughter and Two Things... are available through Dramatists Play Service, Inc. Exit, Pursued By A Bear is available from Playscripts, Inc.

Auditions will take place on June 26, 28 and 29 from 7-10 pm 

at Homestead Hall, 821 Homestead Road in Jenkintown, PA 19046 

Please CLICK HERE to register for your audition slot!

Registration is required. We will see walk-ins only if time allows. 

Please prepare (memorize) a 2-minute monologue from any published dramatic work that best shows who you are, or who you would like to be as a performer. It can be comedic or dramatic, contemporary or classic. We may ask for a cold reading from a script if time allows--this does NOT mean we are only considering you for that role! If this sounds vague, good! We want you to think of it as YOUR ten minutes--use them to show us your best actor-self. You will be expected to know something about the play(s) you are interested in--at least take the time to Google it. (Seriously. You would be amazed at how many people don't bother.)

We encourage actors of all ages, ethnicities, identities, and abilities to apply. Below, please find character breakdowns as provided by the publishers and/or authors.

An American Daughter ​(Set in the late 1990's)

LYSSA DENT HUGHES--Early to Mid 40's. Smart, confident, loving. Newly appointed candidate for Surgeon General.

QUINCY QUINCE--Late 20's. Eager to make her mark and prove her point.

JUDITH B. KAUFMAN--Early to mid 40's. Lyssa's oldest friend. Oncologist, African-American and Jewish.

WALTER ABRAHMSON--Mid to late 40s. Lyssa's husband. Academic, maybe slightly threatened by Lyssa's success.

MORROW MCCARTHY--30s. Walter's friend. Successful screenwriter. Openly gay when it was less common to be.

TIMBER TUCKER--Mid 40's. TV reporter with all the practiced charm, and sharp instincts of one.

SENATOR ALAN HUGHES--65. Lyssa's father. Stereotypical career politician.

CHARLOTTE "CHUBBY" HUGHES--Early 60's. Sen. Hughes 2nd wife. Savy, well-put-together. "Sporty." 

JIMMY--20s. Camerman. Small role.

BILLY ROBBINS--Late 20's. "The best spin-control man in the Senate."

Two Things You Don't Talk About at Dinner (Set today on the first night of Passover)

MYRIAM--Late 50's, funny, self-deprecating, sexy, warm, loving, smart, furious, a great big personality. Takes her Jewish faith seriously.

JACK--Late 60's, a lawyer, a good, decent man, even wise. The kind of host who likes things to go smoothly.

NIKKI--30's half African American, half white, a theatre director, bright, politically correct, idealistic and earnest.

GINNY--Early 50's, Christian, likes to laugh, says what she thinks, no filter.

CHRISTOPHER--Early 20's, Ginny's son, trying to be a Buddhist.

JOSH--Early 50's, son of Holocaust survivors, a no-nonsense lawyer.

KIMIKO--Josh's wife, late 30's, Japanese, a converted Jew, anxious to do it right.

RACHELLE--Late teens or early 20's, Josh's daughter. bright, open, but a mess.

DAN--Late 40's or 50's, a wry Secular Humanist, TV writer and member of Narcotics Anonymous.

ALICE-- 50's, Dan's wife, a feminist, warm, a person of peace.

MABEL--10, Alice and Dan's Chinese daughter, sensitive but direct.

LUPE--40's Mexican, a housekeeper for too long, smart, wry, used to Liberals.

SAM--50's. Arab-American, teaches history. Peaceful, reasonable, good sense of humor, and sitting on a fury.

Exit, Pursued By A Bear ​(Set today, on July 4th)

All North Georgians

NAN CARTER--27, female, pretty and quick, like a deer.

KYLE CARTER--28, male, a big, messy boy, like a dumb dirty dog.

SWEETHEART/PEACHES/SUPERKYLE (all of which are the same girl)--around 20, female stripper.

SIMON BEAUFORT--27, pretty and strong and bitchy, like a slim cat.


Rehearsals for An American Daughter begin in late August with performances on October 13, 14, 20, 21 & 22.

Two Things... rehearsals begin in late December, with performances on February 16, 17, 23, 24 & 25

Exit, Pursued By A Bear will start rehearsing in late March, with performances on May 11, 12, 18, 19 & 20

Due to the tight rehearsal times, PBTC prefers to cast actors who are not committed to other productions during our production periods. If you are already committed during a given rehearsal period, please note that on the audition registration. If you book another role after accepting one with us, you may be replaced at our discretion. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. All performances and rehearsals are held at Homestead Hall in Jenkintown, PA. 

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